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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 7, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock in for terry this evening. we continue to follow the aftermath of the rumbles in ridgecrest. first the positive news. there have been no death and only major injures reported thus far. aftershocks continue to rattle the region. you're look ing at one of the fw places openen to eat in the city. it's little cesar's. people lined up outside yesterday to try to grab some food. experts say more than 100 aftershocks have occurred so far. that figure just since friday night. nbc bay area's sergio kin tanya has been there since the sququa started thursday and brings us this update. >> reporter: when thursday's quake hit the red cross said
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several dozen people came to the red shelter they set up. friday's 7.1 hit, about 15 people came to the shelter. i'm told many of them are choosing to sleep outside because of the continuing aftershocks. during the briefing today, city officials say that they are making good progress in inspecting a lot of the damage across ridgecrest, but their big concern is they just don't know when the regional hospital is going to fully re-open. meanwhile, there's lots of people in ridgecrest that are trying to get back to normal. >> we are an isolated community. >> reporter: crossroads community church pastor started his sunday service with a big thank you. >> thank you, thank you, thank you, for the people who showed up. >> reporter: he shared pictures of the damage that church members fixed thursday and then fixed again after the 7.1 on friday. it's been a long week. >> isn't it nice to be here on sunday? >> yes, yes. lot peace. >> amen. >> reporter: as people in church try to carry on, there are still several signs around ridgecrest
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that make it clear things aren't normal yet. naval air weapons base remains closed because of damage to some facilities. during a briefing with governor newsom this weekend one of the base officials confirmed all weapons there are safe. >> we do have weapons magazines because we are a naval air weapon station. we have the weapons aspect of our mission. yes, the weapons are secure. >> reporter: in the town of trona, the plant is back online but there are still lot of cracks in roads and buildings. residents there are helping each other out. >> got water from some of the places and delivered to some of the people that weren't able to get water. >> reporter: and even as the aftershocks continue, people at today's church service say there is plenty to be thankful for. >> god's with us always. he kept us safe here, i know, because of the, you know, we had no fatal injuries. >> reporter: sergio quintana, nbction all the questions still. this just in, a packed house in
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ridgecrest tonight as another town hall meeting still under way. public leaders discussing what to expect as the town attempts to move forward after this latest 7.1 earthquake. as recovery efforts begin, city employees have work to check for damage on every single road in that town. police say the biggest problem ridgecrest is now facing, looters. they've already had a couple of cases of thieves trying to take advantage of earthquake victims. >> we had an idiot come in from out of town and take something from one of ours that wasn't his. we'll catch him. >> the local hospital is also setting up a local assistance center to help those suffering n o damaged roads in ridgecrest. you're looking at drone video of the repairs after several roads cracked and buckled when the 7.1 quake struck. heavy equipment being brought in to rip out entiredamaged roads w
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pavement. we're going to continue to bring you the developments on the seismic activity. also stay up to date online at other news now, and a quiet south bay community rocked this weekend by violence. san jose police are searching for the person or gunmen, plural, responsible for a shooting that left four people wounded. this happened in the typically quiet cambria neighborhood near hillsdale avenue. mary ann favro is live with the latest developments including what was happening that night. >> reporter: well, sam, neighbors tell us that they heard the gunfire erupt just before midnight last night. they say that it was coming from this house where there was a party going on. they also say that this house was rented by airbnb guests. police say four males were shot and all of them are expected to survive. a silver audi with all four doors left open was still at the scene when police showed up last night. neighbors say there have been several recent parties at the
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same home including one last night with about 50 people. >> all i know for sure, someone actually shot bullets last night, for sure, and, yeah, that was probably, like, the 12th party in a row next door. >> yeah, we heard six shots -- fooi five or six shots. >> right after it happened, i heard screaming. >> reporter: police searched the area with helicopters and went door to door through the neighborhood asking people if they'd seen anything or if they had surveillance videos. neighbors say a group of people between the ages of 18 and 35 had been staying at the home since before the fourth of july and they threw a big party last night. have no motive for the shooting. now, neighbors who we talked to today say this is a very safe area. in fact, they told me that they worry more about car accidents here than gunfire. so what happened last night really has them on edge. reporting live in san jose, marianne o,
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police standoff in fairfield is over. officers say an armed person barricaded himself or herself inside a 7-eleven on central way on pittman road this afternoon. a s.w.a.t. team and negotiators tried to talk them out of the store. the person eventually surrendered. no shots were fired and no hostages taken. tomorrow could be a pivotal one in the ghostship warehouse trial. master tenant derek almena is expected to take the stand in the morning providing his account of what happened leading up to the fire that killed 36 people. nbc bay area's ali wolf joins us live with what we can expect in >> reporter: sam, it is a risky move but derek almena will have to take the stand and defend himself and try and convince the jury he's remorseful and he is empathetic after that fire that killed 36 people back in 2016. now, our legal analyst says
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almena's likely going to stick to his defense's strategy placing the blame on the city of oakland and ghostship landlord for not doing enough to improve conditions inside the warehouse before that fire. prosecutors argue both almena and co-defendant max harris are the ones responsible for creating the unsafe environment. almena and harris each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each person who died. legal analyst steven clark expects prosecutors to try and get under almena's skin. >> they know that he's easily set off based on things he's done in the past, so they will mthy derail his own case. >> reporter: it will be very interesting to see what happens on the stand this week. last month, prosecutors grilled co-defendant max harris for three days, calling him almena's right-hand man. an was not to blame.ot in charge now, we have heard from almena's defense attorney who says his
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cli client is morally responsible but not criminally responsible. again, that trial resumes in the morning. reporting live tonight, ali wolf, nbc bay area news. >> all right, we'll see how this risky decision plays out. ali, thank you very much. the u.s. women's soccer team has done it again. another world cup title. this time they claimed victory over the netherlands in france. bay area fans came out to cheer them on and also continue a discussion about equal pay in soccer. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live from san francisco this evening to explain. christ ir christi? >> reporter: there was so much excitement in the city about what the women's soccer team achieved. there was a watch party across the street at sieve ecivic b ce. it was good timing. it was the kickoff of this temporary spot to play soccer. and in all the excitement a lot of talk about pay. >> equal pay! >> reporter: chapter of "equal
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cup. >> won four titles. world cup. >> reporter: in san francisco, it made sense to this family who came to a watch party and to play at the modular turf field just set up by a street soccer usa. >> they play, you know, very good, and, you know, it shows that they need an equal pay. >> reporter: members of the u.s. team are suing the soccer federation, arguing women are paid less than members of the men's national team. though the women are far more successful. they tentatively agreed to mediation. >> they're great leaders and people for little girls out there that are, like, hey, this is our team, they played amazing for decades. >> reporter: in san jose, 5,000 people came out to watch,baby! >> right here, thank you for all your support. for all the activism you have done bay area. we love you. >> reporter: f megan rapinoe no
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just for her skills but for being outspoken on pay. earlier, she said she would not go to the white house if invited and president trump quickly tweeted back starting a feud between them. today, he congratulated the team. >> fantastically excited. >> reporter: now, we spoke with a youth soccer coach who happened to be out here today. he says his takeaway from all this is really how inspiring this will be to young players. as for this setup here, it's going to be here throughout the summer. reporting l i christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right, some well justified buzz. christie, thank you so much. after the u.s. women won their fourth world cup just hours ago, president trump weighing in on the equal pay debate. now simmering in spom get paid equally, but he says you have to look at how much revenue each side, men and women, generate year round. but according to "the wall street journal," the women's team actually has generated more revenue than the men's team over the last three years.
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still to come, a scary scene in spain. there's always a risk of running with the bulls, and some learned that firsthand. one of the victims from san francisco. we've got the details. also, skiing after july 4th. we take you to squaw for a very rare situation. how much longer the ski season will last. right now, we're watching low clouds bringing some cooling to the bay area to wrap up the weekend and potentially some drizzle or some light showers near the coast for your monday morning commute. wel he a look at those cooler changes when we come right back.
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running with the bulls gone wrong. at lst gored today in spain. that includes a 46-year-old man from san francisco. take a look here at just the chaos. the sheer chaos in northern spain during the annual running of the bulls in pamplona. draws a million daredevils from
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all around the world every single year. two of the three people gored were americans. the man from san francisco underwent surgery. two others were stratrampled. dozen more hurt. today skiers got the last run of the season on squaw valley slopes. yes, it is july. yes, this is still going on. the tahoe ski resort opened in november with almost entirely manmade snow. of course, the weather then took a quick turn in the winter as we covered. snowstorms made for the third largest snow season in the resort's history. amounted to a total of 719 inches. that, of course, led to this post-fourth of july skiing, which, rori cannot imagine is something we have to s age may, delayed in many spots. you can see, if there was enough demand for people to go up there, still a lot of snow. >> if it is there, they will come. that's a little anomalous. a change in the weather as well. >> a little unusual we're talking about a chance of measurable precipitation. technically it's nonstop drizzle for the coast. even that will add up if you
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give it a few hours of time. looks like that's what's headed our way later tonight into early tomorrow. right now, san jose, you got mostly sunny skies. look at that high temperature, 78 degrees today. currently 70. so, jacket weather around the santa clara valley for your evening plan. temperatures cooling quickly. northwest winds hat 15 miles per hour. even out toward concord today, we had highs only near 80 degrees. typically we could see 90s or near 100. 71 currently in concord. also breezy there. see the low clouds in san francisco with misty skies on the way. a high of only 62. winds at 22 miles per hour. as we track those low clouds, very interesting, they're already spilling in toward berkeley and hayward and oakland. these same areas seeing the clouds right now. very likely 24 hours from now are going to be seeing the same type of low fced to rise up over the hills, you get moisture that falls out. little light rain and precipitation. mountain forced lift or orographic lifting. in the areas where the clouds are being forced to rise especially around half moon bay,
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pacifica, around the peninsula, coastal hills and inland east bay hills, bayside locations, could get a little measurable light rain or drizzle. mainly between 11:00 tonight to about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see how far the low clouds could be inland. all the way out to the pass for tomorrow morning. so a cloudy start for most. san jose probably not seeing much of that. as we head through the afternoon and evening, still same areas. right across the san bruno gap. looking at the low clouds art to the workweek.d haywar numbers starting offth tod, may actually be running a couple more degrees cooler for your monday afternoon. highs in the 70s around san jose. closer to 80, maybe around san martin or toward antioch for tomorrow. see the tri-valley through the dublin grade to castro valley, hayward and fremont in the upper 60s and low 70s. peninsula temperatures ranging from the mid 60s around san
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mateo to closer to 70s in palo alto. low 60s san francisco. and north bay temperatures in the 70s. so we've got a cool start to the week. rain heading to the pacific northwest. between now and tuesday we're going to be seeing our temperatures staying mild. best chance if you like real summer-like temperatures, thursday and friday will begin to see a little bit of high pressure building back toward california. so, san francisco, drizzle, s c. numbers rebounding thursday and friday. similar trend inland as we see mostly 70s tomorrow. cool start.en eventually upper . probably some 90s trying to come back as we approach next weekend. feeling a bit more like summer by friday. >> i was going to say, summer has not gone. just hitting the pause button really. for a day or two. roaring right back. >> thank you, rob. still to come, caught on camera. a powerful tornado flipping this car you see right here around like a toy. the backstory in 90 seconds. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can conat denys.m
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you mighyour for your heart... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. well, iran says it is ready to start enriching uranium closen to weapons-grade levels and breaches the country's nuclear deal. iran gave european countries a
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deadline of today to lower economic sanctions that have been placed on iran. the iranian government says it could breach other parts of the agreement as well within the next three months. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says iran's uranium enrichment is dangerous and calling for more sanctions. >> iran has violated its own promise under the u.n. security council not to enrich uranium beyond a certain level. the enrichment for uranium is made for one reason and one reasonable only, for the creation of atomic bombs. >> iran has repeatedly said it's not building a bomb. president trump pulled out of the nuclear agreement last year. democratic presidential candidate and democratic senator kamala harris responding to joe biden's apology. the former vice president said he was sorry about his recent comments about working with segregationi segregationists. here's how kamala harris responded. >> he says he's sorry. i'm going to take him at word.
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again, that doesn't address the issue of busing in america and the fact that he still, you know, we have to -- we cannot rewrite history about what segregationists were doing at that time on a number of issues including opposing busing. >> biden came under heavy scrutiny after a fiery exchange he had with harris at the presidential debate two weeks ago in miami. yesterday, biden apologized for the hurt his comments may have ca ao said he wants voters to judge him on his record of public service. new video tonight. take a look at the black car in the middle of your screen. it's static right there. all of a sudden you see a twister come in and topple, fling that car over. this happened in a new jersey parking lot yesterday. the twister is called a land spout tornado which means it starts on typically the twister was still powerful be a weaker type of tornado, but enough to lift that car up and turn it right over. fortunately, the car was empty and nobody was injured. now let's turn it over to
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sports and anna has a preview of what's coming up next. >> andre iguodala may no longer be a warrior but will remain in chase center forever. the soccer team looks to repeat as world cup champions. the a's close out their first half in seattle. all of that ahead in sports.
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andre iguodala may be gone for now but live forever as a warrior in the new chase center. now after getting traded to the memphis grizzlies for julian washburn, a future first-round pick, sunday, joe lacob released a statement saying he plans to retire iguodala necessary number 9 jersey in the chase center rafters. he was a key part to three championship runs including earning the take you now to lyo frarn france. world cup final. usa taking on the netherlands. we start in the 61st minute. in score, megan rapinoe. she scores. u.s. up 1-0. moving on to the 69th minute. same score. rose lavelle up the middle. she cuts. she scores. straight-up superstar scores her third goal of the world cup. 2-0 u.s. that would be your final as the u.s. wins back-to-back for their fourth world cup. the most by any nation. and the world is talking
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about it. steph curry tweeted, congrats. world domination. thank you for inspiring everybody. real life superheroes. another posted after the win saying, simply, world champions. the giants congratulated the team and third baseman evan longoria added,nd have brought more attention, support, and pride to women's sport than, perhaps, any other team in history and called for equality. giants and cardinals at oracle park. and it was a pitchers' duel. top of the seventh. one man on. no score. paul gold schmidt at the plate. lines it to the gap at right. k a spectacular play. jeff samardzija would finish with seven shutout innings. bottom of the seventh. evan longoria. a sol shot. longo breaks up the no-no. it will be the game winner. his 12th homer of the season.
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longoria remains on fire. the giants win 1-0. >> well, i think you look at our play here recently. i mean, it that's the excitement in the clubhouse. everywhere. we're just playing better baseball. i mean, we're doing a good job on pitching side. we're playing good defense. and getting those timely hits. the long ball. you know, we're doing some things to win ball games. that was missing in early go. so like i said, it just brings a different feeling. a different vibe. and, you know, it's like anything. your confidence grows with success. that's what's happened. moving on to the green and gold. a's and mariners in seattle. oakland looking to finish the first half on the right track and wasted no time. early top of the first. two on. alito three-run shot from matt olson. 19th homer of the season. a's take a 3-0 lead. top of the second.
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a's up five at this point. marcus semien crushes a solo shot to left center marking his 14th of the season. a's would go on to win 7-4. >> pretty good. i think to a man, don't know that we played our best baseball yet, so, i mean, kind of go through what we did in the first half to get to this point, end up with 50 wins i think is pretty good. and matt chapman got exciting news today. the all-star third baseman will be participating in the home run derby on monday. that's all the time we have for now. more news after the break.
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warriors star guard klay thompson celebrating his new deal with the warriors in a different sort of way because klay is a different kind of guy. he signs the five-year $190 million contract with the team last sunday. what you're looking at here are his new kicks. now, that's not necessarily a traditional basketball shoe but it is an interesting one. they are newspaper shoe release oaklandish store on broadway and oakland drawing long lines as you can see. rob, you were doing work on this. they're not $299. >> 299 bucks for those shoes. >> you like klay -- >> be like klay. >> we'll be back with you for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great evening. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the devices on fred's wifi network are protected with xfinity xfi, literally, nobody's watching. except for millions of you, of course.
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we'll explore a bit of yesterday's california and discover how nature's timeless technology can help enhance quality of life in the high tech capital of tomorrow's golden state. and we'll reveal gems of conservation, outdoor recreation, and small-scale agriculture, sparkling in the heart of our biggest metrop. ♪


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